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I think after a while the disappointment gets exhausting — whether it be from a bunch of dates with no real connection or guys not messaging back or what.

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I did attempt a firmware update under Vista and it crashed, requiring me to bring my Nokia N95 in for service.I can't say whether this was an isolated incident, but I remember reading some forum threads recently which discouraged that.I have heard that this is a common problem with this phone.I still have 6 months extended warranty, should I get the store I bought it from to have a look at it?

Similar to triggering Automatic i Sync with an i Cal event, you can instruct Home Zone to do the same whenever your mobile handset is within Bluetooth range.

A360 Channel Manager allows you to customize both the channel selection and the channel arrangement for each A360 Personal Mixer in your system, giving each musician a unique set of sources to mix.

Particularly useful for larger ensembles, A360 Channel Manager eliminates the need to get all musicians to agree on the same set of mix channels, giving each musician to mix the sources they need.

Given it's an intermittent issue they could probably have it for a week and not see it fault once and try to charge me a no fault fee!! I used an N95 for a couple of years without crashes or lockups at all, but I also made sure I ran the latest firmware too and upgraded with each new release.

But I really don't want to have the phone continue to have this problem as it has done it since the day I bought it. Make sure you're running the latest firmware and see if your pain persists (dial *#0000# to find out your current firmware).