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Updating display

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NOTE: Although most changes to the model are immediately reflected in the graphics display, some are not (for graphics efficiency).Typing Display will update the display after such commands.While I happen to disagree with this policy, many think it's a good idea.Regardless of which camp you're in the fact is this is what Microsoft has decided is how it's going to be and we have to learn how to live with it, or get around it.Graphics Flush is useful when a previously executed command modified the graphics and didn't update the screen and the user wishes to update the display.The Graphics Clear command clears the graphics window without redrawing the scene, leaving the window blank.It will still not "automatically" update drivers without you manually performing the driver update by choice.

Once the app is open choose the ellipsis ('…') at the bottom of the display and pick Check for updates The phone will then take over and download the new firmware and install it to the HD-500 Display Dock.

Ctrl-R will also update the display as long as the mouse is in the graphics window.

For especially large models, it may take excessively long to update the display after an action has been performed.

Updating the Display Dock is relatively easy and only takes a few minutes.

Users should be connected to the Display Dock through the USB Type-C connector.