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Sedating a dog for grooming

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Eventually it might cause fungus infection, general skin outbreaks, or parasites invasion.

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Pets can be soothed by a massage consisting of a gentle rubbing of the spine along the legs, neck and spine for 15 minutes. There are two types of sedation that can be achieved by using ingestible sedatives.They need sedation in order to have their coats worked on. The usual sedative is diazepam (Valium or Diastat).A dirty, matted coat or a broken claw can bring the cat much discomfort. Place the cat in the towel or pillow case as best as you can and quickly wrap the cat so only the head is showing.Should the pet owner decide to use a manufactured sedative to achieve either of these states of sedation, the accompanying directions should be followed.I have a almost 8 yr old cockapoo, Abby She HATES to be groomed HATES it!!This medication can cause a decrease in blood pressure but serious side effects are uncommon.