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In addition to hafting purposes, flutes were carved into stone tools such as knives, to serve as finger and thumb grips to allow precision cutting and scraping.

Further, some weapon points have what appear to be a “blood channel”, separate from the hafting flute, that would “bleed out” the prey after it was wounded.

But it’s also there to make a larger statement about a national cultural identity.

Pre-Columbian Peruvian art has been a staple of North American museum shows, like recent efforts at the Yale Peabody on Machu Picchu, at the Fowler on the Moche, and at the Met on feather art.

Paleo-Indian cultures produced fluted stone artifacts, a tradition that later Archaic and Woodland peoples never again manufactured on such a large scale.

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They vary from outright gorgeous to downright hideous with excess hair and cycloptic unibrows.Along with Peruvian traditions, traditional Spanish and other modern day influences are now being mixed in.Traditional Peruvian clothing generally reflects what village a man or woman comes from.A woman is recognized in many instances by her hat style, which reflects the culture of her region or village.For some, white beads adorn the Sanq'apa straps - straps that secure the hats and are woven very delicately and carefully. Another item of traditional Peruvian dress that may identify a woman's village is a Lliclla.Most traditional clothing has geometric patterns and vibrant colors.