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Google maps latitude real time updating

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For example, in my case I wanted to pull latitude longitude information from a SQL Server database and then use them to insert pushpins on google map. So I have decided to write a user control which can take care of javascript part and allows me to concentrate on serverside functions.

If you are familiar with Ajax framework, you know the answer. In this part of article, I don't want you to explain how I created this control. To view documentation for source code visit following article.

When false, render each edge as a straight line on screen.

Converts to string the set of items in the collection.

Real time Google Map anyone could give me some tutorial website or suggestion?

At last, thank all of you and I still a learner of English, I am sorry about any wrong grammar.

However it will be easy to get things setup in this case with a real-time map in PHP and My SQL on an HTML page with the following details.

Now it has we can safely spread the word about the awesomeness of Google Maps 4.6.

You will have to call server side function from javascript and use retrieved data to draw a google map.

Google Maps is a desktop and mobile web mapping service application and technology provided by Google, offering satellite imagery, street maps, and Street View perspectives.

The Info Window will be sized according to the content.

If the answer is yes, then help me to keep helping you with a small donation to keep buying cokes for my sleepless nights πŸ˜› Thanks for your understanding and contribution to the cause πŸ˜‰ Returns a string with format β€œlat_lo,lng_lo,lat_hi,lng_hi” for this bounds, where β€œlo” corresponds to the southwest corner of the bounding box and β€œhi” corresponds to the northeast corner of that box.. This can be an HTML element, a plain-text string, or a string containing HTML.