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Because People Will Think I’m a Loser This is hands-down the most common thing I heard from women.

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The old man got my meaning and corrected me with a smile: “La vierge.” Pick-up lines rarely work, even in French!

Here are ten French-language pick-up lines to avoid like an old man who lurks in the reference section of a library: – Est-ce que ton père a été un voleur ?

Or maybe you want to state your love in a unique way for Valentine's Day, a marriage proposal, or in your wedding vows.

You might want to use the French phase: Sometimes simply stating that you love or care for someone is not enough, even in the beautiful French language.

Firstly, before giving you these sentences, I would like to precede them with a warning: contrary to popular belief, the French are not sleazy lotharios (well, not all of them at least).

Pick-up lines are not used by your average man, French girls wouldn’t buy it: you see, we are sceptics by nature, and also highly image conscious. As much as you may be embarrassed by your stumbling, heavily accented French, don’t be: they are suckers for your accents just as much as you are for theirs.

There are many French love phrases that convey passion and romance whether the speaker is a French native or not.

you should have checked your dictionary or phrase book.If you like my videos on Youtube you gonna love this movie. Nicolas Dolteau a invité une ravissante complice pour l’assister dans ses explications.Nicolas et Ineska vous détaillent les erreurs commises par 90% des élèves, et vous montrent ce qui fonctionne.The flirting game for us is all about , the carefree attitude: the general rule of thumb being to not look overly interested and to engage in casual conversation. It’s not all frosty relations between our two countries, as much as the hoards of louty Brits have done little to endear England to the locals, the fascination with English wit and charm is still there.Personally, as a girl, I would say that simple is always best: merely walk up to your chosen girl and say “Mademoiselle, je vous trouve absolument charmante” (I find you absolutely charming/ beautiful)- I have certainly never slapped someone for saying it!There is 2 steps : 1) Short explanation : what you need to do and how to do it. As my students you can learn how to seduce a girl in every circonstances.