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Az Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop II Release 2 tanfolyamunk az adatbázis adminisztrátorok egyik legnagyobb felelősségét emeli ki: az adatbázis mentési és visszaállítási lehetőségeket Oracle adatbázis-rendszerek esetén.
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Config file 39etcportagepackage keywords39 needs updating

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config lime network option primary_interface eth0 option bmx6_over_batman option main_ipv4_address '' option main_ipv6_address '2001:db8::%M5:%M6/64' option bmx6_mtu '1398' list protocols adhoc list protocols lan list protocols anygw list protocols batadv:%N1 list protocols bmx # list protocols static: # list protocols olsr:14 # list protocols olsr # list protocols olsr # list resolvers # list resolvers 2060::8844 List of protocols configured by Li Me, some of these require the relative package "lime-proto-…​".Note that if you set here some protocols, you overwrite the whole list of protocols set in /etc/config/lime-defaults.When you first install Drupal 7, it will attempt to copy and rename default.- for you.There are some rare instances where you will need to do this manually which are covered in detail further down on this page.In order for Drupal to work, you have to configure where the database is, what the database is called, and the database credentials to access the database.This information is stored in the file which is located in: The file is common to Drupal 6, 7 and 8 When you first extract Drupal, it doesn't come with a file, instead it comes with default.Rabbit MQ comes with default built-in settings which will most likely be sufficient for running your Rabbit MQ server effectively.If it runs fine, then you probably don't need any configuration at all.

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Reporting point site system roles have configurable port settings for HTTP and HTTPS communication defined on the reporting point site system role property page.

Some connections use ports that are not configurable, and some use ports that can be customized.

You must verify that the required ports are available if you use any port filtering technology such as firewalls, routers, proxy servers, and IPsec.

It is a standard Erlang configuration file, documented on the Erlang Config Man Page.

An example configuration file follows: This example will alter the dump_log_write_threshold for mnesia (increasing from the default of 100), and alter the port Rabbit MQ listens on from 5672 to 5673.